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The Points Should Be Paid Attention Of Kitchenware Maintenance

Apr. 13, 2018

Kitchenware maintenance should pay attention to the following points:

1.The countertops and door panels should not be knocked, and even sharp tools can not be used to depict the surface. Wipe with water after use, and regularly wipe the surface with a neutral detergent moistened with a cotton cloth. Pay attention to keep it dry.

2.Hanging cabinet suitable for placing light items, such as multifunctional kitchen storage shelf spice rack, spice jars, glasses and so on.

3.As far as possible placed on the counter under the weight, the interior must be kept dry, pay attention to whether the leak.

4.Chrome hardware accessories should be often wiped with a dry cloth to prevent rust.

5.The sink should be cleaned with a brush or a cotton cloth with a neutral detergent. Avoid using sharp objects to paint the surface.

Multifunctional Kitchen Storage Shelf Spice Rack

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