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Correct Use And Maintenance Of Kitchenware

Apr. 10, 2018

Kitchenware can not be as new as it used to be, but proper use and maintenance can not only extend the service life of the kitchenware, but also enable you to enjoy elegant and comfortable kitchen art.

Kitchen furniture use:

1. Do not place high-temperature cooking utensils or other high-temperature articles directly on the kitchen utensils. Use tripods, heat-insulating mats, etc. to avoid discoloration or blistering.

2. Keep the kitchen utensils clean. After cooking, clean the counter-tops, wipe the water stains on the kitchen utensils such as beech wooden chopping board, and keep the surface clean and dry. The ground water should be removed in time to avoid contaminating the cabinet.

3. Try to choose the national authority to identify and approve products, pay attention to every interface, the open section of the table to be impregnated with resin and iron edge sealing treatment, to ensure product waterproof, fire, moisture, mold.

Beech Wooden Chopping Board

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