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Keep Kitchenware Clean

Apr. 08, 2018

Hang up the kitchenware

Long handled spoons, colanders, spatula, etc. are good helpers when we cook soup, but many people are accustomed to putting these utensils in drawers, or in pots and frying spoons, and cover the lid, which is not conducive to keeping dry.

The chopping board is easy to absorb water, and the surface is often covered with scratches and sew, and the residue of fresh food is often hidden. If the food is not thoroughly cleaned and improperly stored, the rot of the food residue will cause the bacteria to multiply, and even the formation of mildew on the surface of the cutting board can be conceived.

To solve these problems, you may wish to make a small change in the kitchen: install a solid bar between the cabinet and the cabinet, or a convenient place on the wall, and attach a hook on the bar. Put the cleaned spatula, colander, egg beater, vegetable basket, kitchen hanging trash bin etc. on the top, and wipe the rags, dish cloths, and towel towels on the far side of these utensils, and put a more on the other end of the cross bar. Robust hooks hang the chopping board so it's dry. With this approach, the kitchen can also be kept clean and tidy, and all kinds of utensils can be easily picked up.

Kitchen Hanging Trash Bin

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