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Keep Kitchenware Healthy

Apr. 03, 2018

 Keep chopsticks tube and knife holder breathable to make the kitchenware healthy.

The contact between the chopsticks and the oral cavity is the most direct and frequent. It must be kept dry during storage, and some people put the chopsticks in a cupboard or in an airtight plastic chopsticks tube. These practices are undesirable. It is best to choose a chopstick cylinder made of stainless steel wire and have good air permeability and nail it to the wall or in a ventilated place so that the water can be quickly drained.

Some people are accustomed to taking a clean cloth to prevent dust on the chopsticks. In fact, just rinse with water before use, and it will hinder the distribution of water.

In addition, it is not advisable to place the kitchen knife in the unventilated drawers and knife holder. It is also advisable to choose a knife holder that has good air permeability.

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