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Teach You Keep Kitchenware Free Of Germs

Mar. 31, 2018

Set up a dish rack to keep kitchenware free of germs.

Many families are accustomed to putting washed bowls and dishes together in a cupboard, which is not conducive to the ventilation of the dishes. The dishes that have just been washed are stacked together and are easily filled with water. Without ventilation, it is difficult for water to evaporate, and it will naturally breed bacteria. 

Some people like to dry their bowls with dry rags after washing dishes. However, there are many bacteria on the rags. This seemingly “clean” approach is counterproductive. In addition, the dishes were bunched together. The dirt on the bottom of the last dish was all stained on the next dish. It was unsanitary.

Keeping the dishes dry and clean is actually very simple. Experts suggest that you can set up a dish rack next to the sink. After the cleaning is completed, the dish is placed upright and the bowl is held upside down on the shelf. The dish can be dried naturally and it is both easy and hygienic. Multifunctional kitchen storage shelf spice rack is also a good choice.   

Multifunctional Kitchen Storage Shelf Spice Rack

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