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Overdue Service Risks In Kitchenware

Apr. 18, 2018

Every day we use range hoods, gas stoves, non-stick cookware and other kitchenware, but most people do not know that the service life of kitchenware is also strictly limited. If the kitchen utensils are in the state of “extended service” for a long period of time, it is unfavorable for their health and it is life-threatening. 

Non-stick pan damaged. Albert Levy, professor of clinical medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, said that the United States Environmental Working Group (EWG) study said that when the non-stick heating exceeds 260 degrees Celsius, it will release at least six toxic gases, including two Carcinogenic gases, two global pollutants and a deadly chemical. Once the non-stick coating is scratched, it is easy to release colorless and odorless harmful gases even at lower temperatures.

Durable food safe bamboo fiber bread box with bamboo lid is a safe one kitchenware.

Wash the dishes and brush off hairs. Registered dietitian Dr. Deborah A. O. Livi, Ph.D., said that taking a brush that has been used for a long period of time is easy to lose hair, fall into the food, and cause serious damage to the throat or gastrointestinal tract. In the same way, if the dish brush is used for a long time, the bristles will become sparse and the germs in the grooves will be more susceptible to germs.

Durable Food safe Bamboo Fiber Bread Box with Bamboo Lid

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