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Which one is more hygienic between plastic and wooden chopping board?

Jan. 23, 2018

Think your plastic chopping board is more hygienic than a wooden one? You're wrong.

Plastic chopping boards in fact harbour much more bacteria than their wooden cousins, according to Allrecipes magazine.

And when you find out how disgusting a plastic board can really get, you may never want to use one again.

Plastic chopping boards may be easier to wipe clean but a study found they harbour more bacteria than wooden ones

With their wipe-clean surfaces, many assume that a plastic chopping board is more hygienic because it's easier to clean.

But several studies have revealed that bacteria multiplies much quicker on plastic boards.

A study found that bacteria thrived on plastic boards overnight but died on wood. The severe dents in a plastic board can also harbour germs. One experts says to use wood for everything except meat.

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