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Pay Attention To Taboos Used In Kitchenware

May. 08, 2018

Avoid using stainless steel mixing bowl set or iron to pot Chinese medicine

Because Chinese medicine contains many kinds of alkaloids and various biochemical substances, especially under heating conditions, it will produce a variety of chemical reactions with stainless steel or iron, or make the drug failure, and even produce a certain toxicity.

Avoid using of odor wood cutting board

Folk production of cutting board are more than white gypsophila, willow, bamboo and so on, like natural bamboo chopping board cutting board. Some wood, such as wubaimu, contains odors and toxic substances. Using it as a cutting board, its taste not only pollutes the dishes, but also easily causes vomiting, dizziness, and abdominal pain.

Natural Bamboo Chopping Board Cutting Board

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