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What Kitchenware Can Not Contain Acidic Foods?

May. 03, 2018

Avoid use of kitchenware, like porcelain tableware for acidic foods.

Whether it is high-temperature color glaze painted on porcelain or pottery or low-temperature glaze, it is composed of toxic heavy metals and other compounds. For example, the big red color in the glaze is mostly a compound containing cadmium, and the cream yellow contains lead oxide. Emerald green chromium oxide.

When such enamel containers are used to hold weak acidic foods such as fruit juices, vinegar, and wine, poisonous heavy metals in the enamel, enamel will dissolve out, enter the body with food, cause damage to the body, and even cause chronic poisoning. Cadmium poisoning can cause lung disease, bone damage, lead poisoning will produce anemia, neurasthenia embolism.

Stainless steel mixing bowl also avoids being used to contain the acidic foods.

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

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