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What's the features of 7 Pcs Color Full Ceramic Knife Set with Block?

Sep. 25, 2017

  If you are looking forward to import kitchen knife set,we recommend the 7 Pcs Color Full Ceramic Knife Set with Block.

There is the feature of the Ceramic Knife Set:


  1. All our knife sets can be designed into different set, different pieces for a set, just as your requirement.

  2, health: nano-ceramic surface smooth, not easy to breed bacteria, especially suitable for dealing with raw fish, meat, lettuce salad, integrated fruit plate and other fresh food without heating cooked food. And the surface is not easy to adsorb food particles, easy to clean; at the same time it is not oxidation does not rust, not afraid of acid, corrosion, eternal nature, health assured;

  3, sharp: the first condition is to make the knife is to high hardness, the hardness of the knife is Vickers HV700, ceramic knife hardness HV1100; so the ceramic knife than steel knife sharp;

  4, wear: because of high hardness so wear; wear resistance is 60 times the knife, can be said to never wear.

  5. Light: the density of steel is 8.5, the density of ceramic knife is 6.0, the use of more light and flexible, hand is not easy fatigue;

  We are looking forward to receive your inquiry about the kitchen knife set at any time.

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