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Merry Christmas!

Dec. 25, 2017

Today is Christmas. When it comes to Christmas, the first thing people think is the decorated Christmas tree. The history of the Christmas tree dates back hundreds of years. It is said to have first appeared in Germany, and by 1830 the customs of the Christmas tree were taken by German immigrants to the eastern coast of the United States. Since then, the Christmas tree has also become an essential Christmas decoration for Americans. There are many beautiful legends about the origins of the Christmas tree. One is that in a heavy snowy Christmas night, a poor child is homeless, cold and hungry. But he was fortunate enough to meet a good farmer. The farmer brought him to home and they spend a lovely Christmas night by the fire. The child is full of gratitude. He break a section of cedar branches inserted in the ground. The cedar branches immediately become a small fir tree.The child said to the peasant blessing: "The branches will be covered with gift every year, leaving the beautiful fir tree to repay your kindness." These kinds legends add more beauty to the Christmas tree.

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