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Kitchen knife classification

Dec. 23, 2017

1. Chef knife.

Blade length: between 15-30cm, 20cm or so for the most common length of use.

Main function: Chef knife almost can do all the work. It is a universal knife. In the absence of knives in the case of a chef knife can basically solve all the basic preparatory work.

2. Deputy knife.

Blade length: between 10-18cm.

Main features: Vice knife is more suitable for some hands than the smaller female chef as a chef knife to operate.

3. Peeling knife.

Blade length: between 6-10cm.

Main functions: Peeling knife is mainly responsible for peeled and carved fruits and vegetables, but also can handle some very detailed and trivial things.

4. Boning knife.

Blade length: between 12-15cm.

Main features: Because the slender body is thin and light, it can be good for boneless meat, and even can handle birds and fish.

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