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Health status of cutting board

Jun. 10, 2017

The chopping board is a good place for bacteria to hide, the board on the uneven knife marks, full of nutrients, and dark and humid, is suitable for the survival and reproduction of bacteria. Some people with microscopic observation and found that per square centimeter of the drill board has 2 million staphylococci, tens of thousands of E. coli flail, there are other bacteria.

Cutting & Chopping Board

Most of our families are accustomed to cut vegetables and cooked vegetables with the same piece of chopping board, in these bacteria covered with cutting board cooked food, naturally will be stained with a lot of bacteria, and then the population into the gastrointestinal tract, causing digestive system and other systemic diseases. So pay attention to cutting board health is good to do a good job dietary hygiene can not be ignored an important part.

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