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Do wooden chopping boards have a place in today's kitchens?

Feb. 07, 2018

I strongly believe wooden cutting boards DO have a place in today's kitchens and let's face it they're way more sexy than a plastic one which has been stained by one too many chili accidents.

Make sure you never dishwasher a wooden chopping board; it may look like a good idea but it starts of a biological time-bomb. Wooden cutting surfaces are protected with a layer of a type of lamination and extreme temperatures could easily remove this protective layer exposing the bare wood below. With this layer removed you'll quickly notice that the entire board will start splintering and chipping away making your salad a little bit "woody" tasting. More importantly scoring will be easier and you'll soon end up with slices and gashes all over the board making it impossible to clean fully over time. If you've done this already then throw your board away and get yourself a shiny new one and perhaps a plastic one too if you're really lazy when washing dishes!

We can wholesale chopping boards such as beech wooden chopping board, natural bamboo cutting board, plastic chopping board and so on.

beech wooden chopping board

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