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How to choose the best cutting board?

Nov. 08, 2017

There are several kinds of cutting boards: plastic, glass, wood, and bamboo.

So how do you decide which cutting board you should choose? There are pros and cons to each type:

Plastic cutting boards seem the most sanitary, but a research study from UC Davis reveals that plastic promotes bacteria growth more than wood. When using plastic cutting boards, tiny plastic pieces potentially make their way into your food.

Wood cutting boards are a good alternative, especially since they’re gentle on your knives and won’t quickly dull them. Such cutting boards don’t scar easily, but you will need to oil them frequently in order to protect the porous wood against bacteria infiltration and moisture.

Natural bamboo cutting boards have become favorites among professional and amateur chefs alike. While they’re similar to wood in the sense that they are robust and gentle on your knives, they are less porous and considered harder than wood. Bamboo also absorbs less liquid as compared to their wooden counterparts. There’s one thing to be mindful, though: when shopping for a bamboo cutting board, make sure that you seek formaldehyde-free glued boards. bambu’s classic cutting and serving boards are manufactured from sustainably harvested bamboo and represent a great, long-lasting choice. Each individual board is handcrafted and is finished with a natural food-safe oil finish.

natural bamboo cutting board

As cutting board manufacturer, we can produce natural bamboo chopping board or cutting board. Looking forward to your purchase!

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